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Let’s Celebrate Winter Solstice!

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In December Fabrique Bilingue will offer three afternoons of Holiday Craft Workshops centered around the winter solstice at Darwin.

December 22nd is the first day of winter, also known as the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is the longest night of the year but also the shortest day.

As various traditions embrace the depth, silent growth, and insights that darkness brings during this special time, many also celebrate the return of the light and positive energy. From that day on, days will inevitably become longer again!

Around the world, despite our differences, it is a time when people get together, cook, light candles, decorate, offer gifts, sing, and celebrate with family and close friends. Let’s celebrate together!

Winter Solstice Craft Workshops in December

Our December workshops will explore the meaning of the winter solstice and its celebrations across the northern hemisphere. From the pagan Yule to the Chinese Lantern Festival we will learn how different traditions celebrate this special time of the year. Crafts and decorations will be inspired by some of the world’s most unique and festive traditions. And all this magic will happen at our Espace Kids at Darwin Camp.

Craft Workshop Details and Reservation

The following are the dates and times for our Holiday Craft Workshops:

  • Wednesday, December 6th (2.30 pm-5 pm)
  • Wednesday, December 13th (2.30 pm-5 pm)
  • Wednesday, December 20th (2.30 pm-5 pm)

Details :

  • Workshop suitable for kids 4+
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Address : Fabrique Bilingue @ Darwin, 87 Quai des Queyries, Bordeaux
  • Price: 40€ per child/per session (35€ for members of Fabrique Bilingue)

Groups will be limited to 14 kids each session, so we recommend making a reservation by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 06 30 42 57 73

Winter landscape with a coniferous forest in beams of the sunset

At Fabrique Bilingue, we value our connection with nature and its cycles. We also believe it is important for kids to understand that these cycles are connected to the place we occupy in the cosmos. Finally, we love connecting with other humans to share our experiences and interpretations of life on our incredible little planet.

Cyclical, seasonal, celestial, and natural events are at the roots of many different religious traditions, and being able to explore them with respect, curiosity and an open mind is a gift in itself that we enjoy sharing with children.

As always at Fabrique Bilingue, English is our tool to connect, learn, and broaden one another’s perspectives.