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Sessions "Playdates"

Sessions hebdomadaires créatives et ludiques pour pratiquer, améliorer, et apprendre l’anglais
Pause méridienne
16h30 – 18h
Albert Legrand
Bilingues en herbe
Primaires Alphonse Dupeux
Découverte en immersion
16h30 – 18h
Maternelles Alphonse Dupeux
Découverte en immersion
5 à 10 ans
Pratique et projets
10 à 13 ans
Pratique et projets


Pause méridienne
Albert Legrand
Bilingues en herbe
Primaires of Alphonse Dupeux
Découverte en immersion

Les 13 et +

Pratique et projets

Évènements Saisonniers

Fêtes ou ateliers créatifs au fil des saisons

Halloween/ Dia de los muertos

Mardi 31 Octobre 


Winter Soltice around the world

Samedi 23 Décembre 


Spring in the Garden
Samedi 23 Mars


Picnic & Games
Samedi 1er Juin 
Free event (BYO)



Ces stages ont lieu pendant les vacances scolaires. C’est l’occasion pour les enfants et ados de mettre en pratique leur Anglais et progresser rapidement en menant un projet ensemble durant une semaine.
(ou 3 jours consécutifs minimum)
Automne 2023: 
Pre- Halloween workshop
23 au 27 Octobre

Matinées 9h-midi
Option journée complète  avec BYO lunchbox
Après-midis 14-17h

Printemps 2024:

22 au 27 avril

Matinées 9h-midi
Option journée complète avec BYO lunchbox
Après-midis 14-17h

Été 2024:
Video animation
Ocean care


1-5 Juillet 

8-12 Juillet

15-19 Juillet

19-24 Août

26-31 Août

Matinées 9h-midi
Option journée complète avec BYO lunchbox
Après-midis 14-17h

Movie Night

Projection de film en VO avec pop corn, pizza, fruits et crudités.
En alternance pour les 5-10 ans et les 11 ans et plus.


 Pour les 5-10ans:

22 Septembre – 3 Février – 1er Juin 

 Pour les 11ans et plus:

2 Décembre – 6 Avril – 3 Aôut

ADRESSE:        37 rue Jean Renaud Dandicolle, 33000 BORDEAUX
                  Tram A, Station Hotel de Police.  

Looking forward to having some English fun with your kiddos!

Playdates are fun popup gatherings designed to keep young bilinguals’ English language skills alive and kicking, while also providing aspiring bilinguals a safe and fun environment to “practice while doing”.

Playdates are not classes. The only “rule” is that we maintain an  English-only space during the sessions.

Bilingual kids and native speakers practice their English to keep it alive and sharpen their communication skills, they learn to listen, speak kindly and work together. The other children learn English by doing and interacting joyfully. They first learn to communicate only-to realise that the proper syntax, grammar, and pronunciation follow naturally as they listen and learn from their friends. With a high ratio of bilingual children, we maintain an English immersion environment and focus on the project and play at hand.

The children decide what they want to do or make, and how they want to play together.
They share favorite books, music, games, project ideas, you name it… All types of play are encouraged.

Activities such as cooking, painting, gardening, singing, dancing, board games, and craft making, are made readily available but are never imposed.

The tweens and teens interact freely and creatively, sharing their preferences in music, movies, art, pop culture, books, food, sports, and much more.They are encouraged to create, sing, write, dance, make, and learn together: we help bring to life whatever the group is into and wishes to make happen!

Language skills are sustained and developed naturally through spontaneous, playful interactions and conversations. The focus being on doing, making, and sharing rather than on any individual participant’s speech, hence providing a safe, liberating, and fun space to speak. 
The group facilitator provides support by offering alternatives in proper syntax and vocabulary as needed.

Both my kids were born and raised in San Francisco, California, and they absolutely love to speak English.
When we moved to Bordeaux in the summer of 2020, I knew my then-11year old and oldest would have the opportunity to speak English with his teachers and friends at Alain Fournier section bilingue.
But I was concerned about my youngest who was six at the time and enrolled in a regular French school: If she stopped using English, it would become awkward and no longer enjoyable, and she’d eventually stop speaking it.
I quickly came to realise that other bilingual parents shared my concerns, and decided to offer an opportunity for our young bilinguals to keep their English alive.

Friends of friends started joining in on the fun and I found myself welcoming a few non bilingual kids.  With a will to get by and communicate, not surprisingly, they did really well during the sessions.
So in July 2021 with the mini camps, I opened the Playdates to aspiring bilinguals, while still maintaining a higher ratio of bilingual kids to create an “immersion” situation thereby effectively mimicking an English-only environment.

The children joining Playdates come from and have lived all over the world:  Australia, California, New York, England, Singapore, South Africa…
From day one it was obvious that everyone’s accent was pretty different,
and this realisation gave way to very interesting conversations and fun comparaisons.
Playdates emphasises open-minded, kindhearted communication and the ability to cooperate in English. We put forth the idea that there are many different types of English, all of which are welcome.

For who :

  • Bilinguals
  • Budding bilinguals
  • Aspiring bilinguals 

How :

Creative projects and play sessions to practice English spontaneously

communication et pédagogie en anglais


Happy children & parents


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