Fabrique Bilingue offers support to teachers, directors, and educators in the form of consulting sessions, medium to long term coaching, and workshops.

We specialize in bilingual curriculum building and Project based learning. The idea is to assist you at any stage of your pedagogical project and offer you support that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to create, implement, advance, or problem-solve we can help you with your curriculum.


Consulting sessions last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be conducted over the phone, through a video call, or in person. These sessions are meant to offer perspective and help you find solutions. 

They give you a space to bounce ideas, needs, and challenges off of a experienced and resourceful professional, and to be positively guided and encouraged as you venture out of your comfort zone.


Coaching occurs after a few consulting sessions, once the need to be supported throughout a project has been established. The process may align with a trimester, a quarter, a semester, or a school year timeline depending on your project and needs.


Half-day or day-long workshops can be designed for you and your team of teachers, assistants, and educators, on various aspects of bilingual curriculum building or Project Based Learning pedagogy.

Who is this for ?

Directors and teachers of mams, micro-creches, creches, preschools and primary schools interested in project-based learning and/or bilingualism.

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